Saturday, August 31, 2019

Custom slotted and collapsible boxes: what to know

Custom boxes are what you should look for if you are looking for a particular container with your design and printing it. They may be expensive, but they are worth it, especially when you see the quality and beauty of the boxes.

There are several types of boxes to choose from, but your choice depends on your needs. The boxes are made of different materials, from corrugated cardboard to corrugated plastic, wood and metal. For custom boxes, you can choose the desired equipment and type of packaging you need and the manufacturer creates them according to your specifications.

The most common types of boxes are grooved packages and folding boxes. These two categories come in many shapes and sizes and you can decide what shape and size you want.
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Grooved boxes
These cartons are mainly used to transport and store large objects or large quantities of goods, such as books. Grooved boxes are the most common type of large, brown box you see around you, and they also have types, such as:

Regular Slot Boxes: These cardboard boxes are the most common custom promotional boxes used in homes, storage areas, offices and the like. Regular grooved cartons have four flaps on the top and bottom, the bottom flaps that can be glued or glued after adhesive packaging.

Half space boxes: double closing of the normal slot box, the only difference is that the half space box has no flaps on top: it is open. This box is mainly used as a cover or for temporary storage.

Double lid: As the name suggests it has two caps: a lid on the top and a lid on the bottom. Perfect for packing items such as refrigerators and ovens, the item is placed on the lower deck, the middle section sliding over it to be closed by the top cover.

Collapsible boxes
They are usually made of cardboard, printed before folding, and sent flat to the package, which saw them twice in their final form as a container for a product.

Folding boxes are mainly used in the packaging industry, and you can see them everywhere on store shelves or offices. Examples of folding containers are:
Candy Boxes - chocolate boxes.
milk Cartons
juice Cartons
Cosmetic boxes
Gift boxes
greeting boxes
Office supply boxes: for annual reports, brochures.

There you have it, slotted and foldable cartons. They are different in size and use, so make sure you want it when ordering a custom box.

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