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Custom boxes: how to choose the best one for your needs

A box. When children are taught the alphabet, they are told that 'b is for box'. They know a box is brown and square empty and contains things (mainly Dad's books). However, this is not just what a box is. What exactly is a box?

What is a box?
A box is a square or rectangular container used for storage, shipping or transport, for temporary use, etc. The boxes are made to contain solid objects and are made of various materials such as metal, wood, cardboard, corrugated cardboard etc.

What are custom boxes?
These are cardboard boxes as we know them, but made for measurement according to customer specifications. Not only are they made to the client's specifications, but they can also be designed or printed with logos if the client so desires. Most custom box manufacturers serve a wide range of customers and can produce as many volumes as needed at cost-effective prices.

Customized boxes for your needs
The best customer boxes available depend on the needs of the cash registers and the company they decide to work with. Since custom boxes are custom made, you can get what he needs exactly as he wants. Some companies allow you to create your box and print design; Then they do it to you.

MATERIALS: The boxes are made of metal, wood, corrugated cardboard (some call it cardboard), corrugated plastic, cardboard and the like. The material used is mainly based on what the box should be used for.
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PACKAGING: Customized packaging boxes are the most common type of cardboard found in most cardboard. These boxes are made to pack, ship and transport and are made to ensure maximum safety and safe handling of the items packed.

GROOVED BOXES: These boxes, also called normal column boxes, are the most common boxes you have. Made with a single piece of cardboard glued in a cross (by the manufacturer), the customer must close the top and bottom flaps after packing with adhesive tape or glue. These boots are especially versatile and are used for carrying textiles, books, etc.

DEATH CUT: These boxes are corrugated and specially made for the customer ordering, and are ideal for toys, gifts and cosmetics.

TELESCOPIC BAKERS:. The smaller versions of this custom promotional boxes are perfect for wrapping gifts (especially Valentine's Rose) and are used to store large and fragile items.

Other types of boxes are:

• WOOD PACKAGING: for long distance heavy shipments
• WOOD: to move wine and other bottle contents
• FOLDABLE: Popular examples of folding boxes are gift boxes and pizza boxes.
• CASH FILES: used mainly in offices for files and papers
• CONFIGURATION: the manufacturer configures these cardboard boxes permanently before delivery with the upper left part open. Also known as hard cardboard boxes, these custom boxes are quite expensive, but ideal for packaging electronic products, jewelry pieces (such as watches) and cosmetics.

Several sites offer custom boxes of samples for pictures of their products and what designs you can print on them. Check them out for the best cards to suit your needs.

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